Strip - Smooth Operator Ingrown Hair Serum

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Say goodbye to those pesky razor burns and bumps with Smooth Operator, the superhero of skin care! This mighty formula is here to save the day and prevent those annoying skin irritations resulting from waxing, tweezing, shaving, laser hair removal, and electrolysis. And it doesn't stop there - Smooth Operator also helps to lighten dark spots in your skin and create a more even skin tone, giving you that flawless, smooth appearance you've always wanted. But wait, there's more! With its nourishing and smoothing properties, Smooth Operator is the perfect post-shave or waxing treatment for your skin. Simply roll on or apply the pad evenly over the affected area, and let the magic happen. You'll love how the convenient roll-on application ensures even coverage for optimal results. So why settle for anything less than smooth, silky, and bump-free skin? Add Smooth Operator to your daily routine and become the smooth operator you were always meant to be. Directions are simple - just roll on.
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